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tv   Headline News  RT  July 5, 2014 3:00pm-3:29pm EDT

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so picture of the day. from a rose to. look to. tonight's headlines from the international ukrainian troops to the anti-government strongholds of slavyansk and kramatorsk and raise the country's flag over the eastern cities with kiev defying forces retreated now to the regional capital of donetsk. also. the morning continues in the small eastern ukrainian village of. time where locals burying their dead those killed in choose days a strike which claimed twelve lives including that of a five year old boy. a graphic video surfaces showing israeli policeman brutally beating the cousin of the killed palestinian teenager who's feeling well
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was held amid massive protests on friday. and isis militants vowed to take the fight from syria and iraq all the way to spain as western governments scramble to secure their home front radicalised volunteers return from . its eleven pm near moscow my name is kevin and very good evening show you a lot of developments today in ukraine so that's where we'll start this hour ukrainian troops have regained control of the city of slavyansk in eastern stronghold of anti government resistance for months now these are pictures of what's been happening there today. with explosions going off all round people have been running for cover reports of
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multiple civilian deaths have been piling up over the last twenty four hours with a difficult to verify at this stage because of the ongoing fighting it's thought that at least six people were killed in the most recent attack most of them elderly . meanwhile the ukrainian flag has been raised over the orders of president petro poroshenko while the government hails today's seizure of the city as a triumph others see it as a pyrrhic victory more than two months of siege now including shelling and artillery fire as left that city in ruins this is the face of today's slavyansk and returning residents who escape the fighting might not be able to recognize it of course. and to go move forces have also pulled out of nearby kramatorsk retreating southeast towards the city of god love the region's capital donetsk you can see it's going on the map you see the routes reportedly being taken there this video
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coming up allegedly shows their fighters parading through the center of camera or towards going to tank before leaving that city commanders say they had to retreat to save civilian lives from army airstrikes also these photos of from twitter of what appeared to be antique here forces arriving in donetsk just to remind you that ukraine's fourth largest city sizable place population of almost a million there only two years ago the next was one of the host cities of the european football championships indeed. more video from kramatorsk nowhere in scene similar to those we saw in surveillance troops are now raising the ukrainian flag over the city's administration building as a symbol of the regained control but before they arrived these pictures of merge showing residents fleeing you can see people queuing up here on a bus several of the city's residents areas were caught up in violence there over
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the previous twenty four hours. go to for two years this is if you can. put it just so that's what you to do you know it's. perhaps. another snapshot of life this resident of kramatorsk returned to his home to discover it in ruins this is all that's left of his flat after the building was pounded by shells. for the new one up which is like almost as it was the feel of the new. people who ensured the opera is full of who would move with. all this. i. know another snapshot of life let's go to the village of congress in the lugansk region which was devastated by an airstrike earlier this week the residents have
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been burying their dead twelve people including a five year old boy were killed dozens more injured in the air raid which some ukrainian army commanders say was accidental artie's where financially was at the funerals there are some graphic images coming up too in her report. a day of mourning in the village of static and the show of. residents gathered to pay tribute to those killed and wednesday's shelling of. a van the youngest victim celebrated his fifth birthday just a day before his death. new told us he didn't even have time to play with him. next to his coughing another larger one this is yvonne's father. just body and face a covered only pieces and left after one of the shells landed in a metre away from the man. who visited the village shortly after the bombardment
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this is red and there's body on the ground locals say bombs were dropped from two airplanes they counted at least eighteen craters. though some alludes. to let us see very much as popovers but it is the message here is that. once again richard really brings some a little bit. we're going to have brought that to them had a. clue. the good skier meanwhile he denies it and forces were involved he's the ukrainian state media turn into the picture of what happened then very much if you give fellowship fifty dollars and you know might have checked on they don't look like you know but i need you to keep it i don't have. the remaining fifty cars with all of my exceeded the resteal blah political youth and the school which just be enough to give a good state to. the doubts that. this is somebody you still need. to do over
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this it wasn't really you. didn't do it and it didn't need to be rooted here but. this is not the first child killed in what kiev calls its antiterrorist gratian more than forty miners have reportedly died since it was launched less than three months ago and fury over the desk has now reached ukraine's parliament. i mean i. believe it shouted that all. was. was the man you mean there today alamo i believe people predicted national arabic thouse you boys even.
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though. you wouldn't do it when oldest boy and husband with buried another funeral started and then to move. in recent days at least six freshly dug graves have appeared that they cemetery but with a large scale military operation in eastern ukraine now underway locals fear they will be even more. riff notional party started the guards creature is to ukraine. and could also tell you tonight tensions remain high on russia's border with ukraine where russian checkpoints been hit with ukrainian shells for the second time in twenty four hours buses carrying refugees are moving through the crossing at the time of the latest attack i wouldn't say the work will tease they don't think anyone died the. ukrainian fires reached checkpoints on the russian side of a number of occasions since the conflict began the following pictures then were
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filmed right after the refugees were evacuated to safety through all that. i. think the student was a sort of. the you were just. like. me or you. don't you think that was the thing. that i knew that was evident. and you know just to be you it was. ok the latest pictures for what people saw going through those checkpoints the snow get some thoughts from william doris is a member of the international action center joining us on the line from new york william thanks for being with us today than we see ukrainian flags being raised in two very important centers of resistance is this going to be a turning point now are things going to get better or worse. it's very painful to
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see these scenes from ukraine from eastern ukraine it's no great act of heroism to show a civilian community and then raise your flag over it it's no great accomplishment the you know today the world this year is celebrating the seventy fifth anniversary of the start of world war two and it's terrible tragic that seven fur for the first time since that war ended for the first time in seventy years artillery and aerial bombardment is falling on the cities of eastern ukraine and on villages where so many people died in that war and the men to know that the men behind the guns are the director right sector and others who comprise the ukrainian national guard are the direct political descendants of those in the ukraine of those forces in ukraine who served adolf hitler in world war two and are using the same strategies of collective punishment and shooting at refugees and killing old people and children except this time the government of the united states is on their side and paying
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for their weapons all the public aware of this house is covered briefly your side of the palm that is mentioned the media over here the media over here is follows the line and the politicians too are completely mendacious and this all of the pictures that are coming in hawk again and. they say all they talk about is a russian invasion is absurd if they are saying that russia is the economist the british magazine said russia and ukraine war by any other name n.b.c. has a website latest news on russian aggression and east ukraine if the russian or military were in ukraine we would know it the kiev hunter would know it but this is a this is a all out war by the poroshenko government on its own people and it's being funded by the united states and. it appears they are not willing to stop even with suppressing opposition in east ukraine. now the poroshenko obviously being goaded
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on and encouraged by washington is saying we will have a victory parade in crimea where the people have overwhelmingly voted to join with russia it'll be interesting how that turns out if it's picked up in the future but let's focus on donetsk it's a reasonably big city more than a million people living there the resistance has been back in then now how is this going to play. well like you said it's a very big city and it's terrible to think that planes and tanks are heading in artillery would can and are heading for that city to do try to do their what they've done in slovyansk and calm a taurus and villages around there to let that happen this will be. he's obviously it seems to me he sees saying it's going to happen they're doing it there they want to do it and he's the only feels confident to do it because he knows the united states is behind him is backing him up both politically and and
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financially and militarily militarily with the support of funding and i'd also just just know about how it's being reported over there how the general public is seeing it what is being said about the mounting death toll we saw the village the other day we saw people in places that their house is in ruins you can't dispute those pictures what have people over there got to say surely that was not blanketed by the coverage that they must have the you must be hearing some some words of concern over they surely know well the media in this country is as criminally culpable as the as the politicians in washington it's very much like the way they cover atrocities by israel they are no entities those who are dying those children and older people are terrorists and separatists are not human beings. it's a vicious one what about people talk out of their lineup where you know what about peace talks and what we've still got you on the line you thought about that and i'm
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naive to think there will be successful peace talks anytime soon or not well we'd love to see that and of course. it seems the government of russia and some of the west european governments are are interested in that because western europe doesn't want to be caught as a pawn between the united states and its desire for confrontation with russia but it seems that the poroshenko government and with the united states backing it up giving having given it a blank check a license to kill is talking pieces where one corner of its mouth like hitler did in his unleashing shells in artillery on civilians with the other william doris member of the international action center of the new york city thank you for the on the program. thank you. we've got it he voted with the latest from ukraine from us on air and at r.t. dot com as well you can find in-depth coverage of the whole crisis starting from day one. to be in the.
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next tonight or videos emerge that could our group of eight the crisis between israel and the palestinians it shows a fifteen year old being severely beaten by the israeli police on thursday what's more the boy you're about to see is reportedly the cousin of the killed palestinian teenager who was buried on friday you may find the pictures coming up to distressing here well these pictures the film by a resident who passed the footage on to a local t.v. station you can see a one of the officers is sitting on top of the palestinian boy while the others kicking him punching in the head after the beating he was dragged away by the police is actually an american citizen by the way his father who witnessed the arrest has confirmed the person in the video is the teenager suffered serious injuries is now in hospital israeli police say the instance being investigated though they claim the video doesn't tell the whole story they say the offices were attacked first it's not the first time violence against palestinian teens has been
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caught on camera in may two teenagers were shot dead during a protest in the west bank the israeli military was blamed for the killings but television denied its troops then had fired lethal i mean issued. meanwhile an initial autopsy examination is found of the palestinian teenager who's abducted and killed this week was burned alive palestinians blame his murder on far right jews it also sparked fierce clashes with israeli police on friday which have no spread to other arab terms. twenty forces you to go to disperse protesters in jerusalem after the shooting of a palestinian youngster it's the he was murdered in revenge for the killing of three jewish teenagers which israel blames on hamas is what arrested hundreds of palestinians and waited thousands of homes while trying to locate them on a mass is offering to hold to its rocket attacks on israel if televisa stop shelling does it but instead israel's spitta massing its troops along the on claims
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border with to the tensions. coming up as a mega pile of rubbish grows ever higher in southeast london house prices for nearby homes are dropping of a lower as a result we talk to residents who've either put up with a stink for years now. i'm happy martin the stories we cover here are not going here in iraq other big story after that while there is a reason they don't want to know more. now let's break the set. is the media lead us so we need. to see bush and secure the other party physical. issues that no one is asking with to get that you deserve answers from. politics.
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speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. the world talks about the p.r. p. interview intriguing story for you. arabic to find out more visit arabic. leader of isis has made his first public appearance calling on muslims to rally to him his militant groups proclaimed an islamic state spanning parts of syria and iraq and is now are doubling its efforts to make territorial gains in the region but don't end there they want their dominion to stretch all the way to western
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europe as one jihad is posted in this online video. spiny are still used the saying is the lenders are for all the willing when i go in to liberate it all the while thousands of european volunteers have already helped swell the ranks of the militants in the region the e.u. as well as its ally america is beefing up their four security measures over fears returning jihadists will seek to unleash terror back home. reports. as isis continues its bloody rampage in iraq a quick look at the social media reveals that people from the west are more involved than you would imagine a man claiming to be not simple ton a twenty year old british national posted a photo of what seems to be fifteen homemade bombs it was accompanied by a tweet so the u.k. is afraid i'll come back with the skills i have gained the same man appears in a video with several others calling on brothers in the west to join their cause we have brothers from bangladesh from iraq from combo australia you can see nothing
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has gathered us except to make a lot of the high us oh my goodness. i know how you feel when i. feel depressed it reaches out to sister stew in the united states in april and nineteen year old nurse was detained at denver international airport she was allegedly on her way to syria to marry an isis fighter enjoined extremist organization to as reported a system in any manner her facebook page suggested that her profession was a slave of this latest recruitment in western countries experts say is unprecedented german intelligence claimed that more than two thousand europeans have joined the jihad in syria and iraq including at least three hundred twenty germans american reporter richard angle who was kidnapped and released in syria two years ago says that up to seventy americans are also involved and with jihad is openly saying they could bring their terror skills home europe and the united states have reason to be on high alert
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a recent shooting at the brussels jewish museum is an ample example of jihad maybe on its way to europe investigators claim the gunman joined isis in january and the recent tightening of security for u.s. bound flights suggests washington is becoming aware that isis terrorism is no longer a story from somewhere overseas it is real and could soon be leaving trails of destruction in its own backyard. you know there now as they push further into syria and iraq the jihad is to getting more than just land and manpower they've also seed vital resources that could help fuel the military campaign isis is already indeed wrested control of several large oil fields in syria from rival rebel factions and the jihadists and are battling with iraqi troops in a bid as well to seize most of all refineries there in the north of that country and they want to told us that isis could even start exporting the black gold soon to raise cash we should not rule out the possibility that these religious extremists can get this oil to the market and receive funding in return for isis is
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very well funded they were able to bank and apparently ran away with tens of millions of dollars for the recent events they've made in iraq in neighboring syria they were in a backdoor alliance with the united states of america and its north atlantic allies against the mastic based regime the president all sought and that not only brought them recognition and influence brought them a certain amount of funding. quick to point to other stories we're covering online fear that just a few days to go now to the capsized costa concordia cruise ship heads on its final voyage to the scrap yard although it was hauled up right almost a year ago some of these decks still underwater we've got pictures of that now you tube channel you could go on a journey to explore it submerged interiors some of the things that really down there sit on a you tube channel and with more than twenty two thousand of the great videos to go lined up and at artsy dot com read how google makes certain news items disappear
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from its search results find out what stays what goes in how they decided at r.t. dot com. ohmss southeast london a big swarmed by the stench and sight of an ever growing mountain of rubbish which after three years of creepy now stands four stories tall attempts to try to get the authorities to deal with a rat infested trash monstrosity have been in vain versts far sarah firth picks up the story. and he's not the only one around here saying that after a waste disposal company allowed this rubbish to pile up now estimated to stand around forty feet and how long he been living there the neighbors. were off for years since. they were through with a take on second guy and so on so. he would plastic. is
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a business plan and for as you can see. they don't quite work it's not just residents who are upset since december two thousand and eleven the london fire brigade have sent out save a six hundred fifty fire engines to twenty three separate fires here racking up more than six hundred fifty thousand pounds worth of resources the environment agency recently asked the high court to find a company in contempt of court after countless missed deadlines and injunctions to meet the waste the judge they dismissed the action it's not immediately clear why understandably the company weren't keen to talk. do you think the way the residents here being treated by a company is thirty. or they did release a statement saying without a cash injection or agreement from the environment agency to allow the company to generate further income we simply cannot afford to make substantial disposals the
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legal fees incurred by the company as a result of the court proceedings have drained the company's resources this money could have been put to better use by making disposals from the site what's happened here is over a number of years you've had various firms all changing their name and saying there's different firms have been operating on a permit from the environment agency people are supposed to police this but no one was taken decisive action when i left in the middle of summer that they'll with the lies and the stuff and. that comes from that must've pile of rubbish and quite frankly that thinks. reporting for us. coming up off the break a much to stacy discuss how forward is the real driver of the luxury housing market in the cars report and if you're in the u.k. you can even going to ground the option for transit lined up with.
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the gym is about seven years old it's one of the largest ten cities on the east coast of america and as you got about one hundred people here just because of economics the cost of housing in this area especially is very high and i believe as an american we have a right. to say about or to possess public land in till something is created that's my house you see back there live it send them to well good at least then and the now than the dollars rest. if we hadn't done that we wouldn't have been home i want to go stand we don't just held the you know people of density we don't anybody that needs help so tell your friend to just give us a moral to your mortgage as they are never going to get it and city in today when one thousand of them got a place to live once on monday i'll be out here with my dog.
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as a new physician i swear to abide by the hippocratic oath. to the best of my ability and judgment. i will prescribe for the good of my patients. i will not give deadly doses to anybody. or advise of those to do so. i will never do harm to bob. doctors of the doc's on. this is what we do we kill people and break things. we can see something if simple
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as people playing a soccer game we can see individual players and if you see the ball. i can almost see is facial expression and you'll see is a mouth open and crying out. maybe cursed us or maybe he asked. for forgiveness for. there must be near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured. welcome to the kaiser report i'm max keiser you know according to local papers domino's pizza staff were caught buying fifty nine pence potato wedges at the down
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market supermarket and then selling them to domino's customers for three pounds forty nine of course this is merely trickle down central banking where the central bank sold the crappy product of cheap money the fifty nine p. potato wedge in this case to banks to them at a five percent or more markup is still the same cheap crappy toxic debt money product from the central bank now values been added and nor will wealth creation in the nutrition for the economy and wages ever be found in the cheap money potato wedge it's just repackaging the same crap marketing built up stacy well we're grew to look at some of these horrible potato wedges of central banking being sold as high priced risky assets world a.t.m. lose to frankfurt as yellen fed slows cash as janet yellen winds down the federal reserve some.


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